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"I heartily endorse Alexander Ruche and
his outstanding new website, "I Love Lucy Memorabilia"
(www.ilovelucymemorabilia.com). It has been my pleasure to get to know Alexander
recently as a friend on Facebook and to make a couple of purchases from his
extensive collection since he opened the website just a few weeks ago - each one
of which I am delighted to now own - and I am contemplating making more
purchases. He has been collecting Lucy memorabilia since he was fifteen years
old and his collection is extensive, broad, and varied. If you want it, it is
likely he has it or has some way to get it for you - even if it is not listed on
the website - so ask! His prices are very competitive and shopping his
well-designed site is a breeze - all the way through to the quick and simple
check-out procedure! 

Alexander is a joy to work with - most accommodating to
both new and long-time Lucy collectors alike, and he will work tirelessly to
help you find just that piece of 'I Love Lucy' memorabilia you've been longing
to have! He remains committed to his customers long after the sale, and is
determined to see his customers happy with their purchases. His collection
includes everything from personal items worn by Lucy and other stars on the
show, to an amazing collection of photographs and books, most of them
autographed, to props and wardrobe items - many of them originals, among so many
other exciting collectibles - all certified authentic. Why not take a moment now
to visit the site! It is a phenomenal and delightful walk down memory lane for
all of us who love Lucy - and you might just find that rare item you've always
wanted to call your own!"

--Glenn Stearns, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Thank you so much! Recently made a few purchases including Desi and Lucy's autograph, which in turn I made more purchases!  An autographed photo of one handsome Desi Arnaz and a Copacabana advertisement.  Everything arrived quickly and in perfect shape as promised and advertised!!!  I will definitely recommend your site to anyone who "loves Lucy"!!  I look forward to more purchases in the near future!!

Sandy Gardner, PA

Thanks again!!

I want to highly recommend the I Love Lucy memorabilia site. I received my Christmas I love Lucy Ricky doll today, 1/8/16. Plus, I did receive a book on I love lucy by Michael Stern called I had a Ball! It will be a real treat to read about his friendship with Lucille Ball! Due to the holidays it did take a little bit of time to get my doll, but, I did receive the book as  compensation for the delay!  Thank you for the extra surprise. Alexander Ruche is a great business man. His I love Lucy dolls and memorabilia of his items are awesome. He was very congenial and kind. He was way over the top about contacting his customers. He was lightning fast in his service to keep the customer happy. I will buy more items from him in the future.  His site is a great place to find fantastic items of I love Lucy! Plus, the site had a 50% off on the items and shipping was very reasonable!  I can't say enough about his stupendous kindness, very considerate of the customer and on top of all of his items of I love Lucy!

Thank you, for your kindness and understanding Alexander.

Mrs. Darlene Harmon from Idaho
A very over joyed and ecstatic customer.

I am a huge I Love Lucy fan and this website has it all.   Very rare, irreplaceable, inexpensive memorabilia of Lucille Ball as well as Desi and the cast.   Alexander is very knowledgeable and responds quickly with any questions I had about the Lucy items I was interested in. I have never found a website with such unique items before.  And the prices are extremely reasonable.   I highly recommend for everyone whether you are a beginner or experienced collector and want personal items Alexander is the man to go to!!!    


Jen Martone from New York